Studio A

NightBird's Studio A is a state-of-the-art music and post production studio with a large control room and a live tracking room. Equipped with a D-Control ICON, Pro Tools HDX, Tannoy System 215 DMT II mains, a multitude of new and vintage outboard gear, as well as a 110" retractable projection screen, 7.1 surround sound, and full HDMI routing capabilities, Studio A is suitable for any session. Designed by Jed Leiber and tuned by the famed George Augspurger, Studio A is great for any type of audio work.

Studio B

Studio B at NightBird consists of two floating rooms that cater to live tracking, production and writing teams, and is also perfect for sessions that require more of a lounge-type control room. The two rooms are also swappable, which makes this suite even more flexible. Need a bigger control room to fit your entourage, or need a bigger tracking room for drums, piano, vocals and guitar? Not a problem in Studio B!

Studio C

The newest addition to NightBird's facilities, our Studio C is a production room perfect for writing sessions, video editing, and vocal tracking. Based on Avid's latest HD Native Thunderbolt system, Studio C provides a comfortable and eclectic vibe, with private access and a small tracking room.