West Hollywood, CA

Founder / Artist In Residence

Jed Leiber

The story goes, writer / producer Jed Leiber and famed guitarist Jeff Beck were staying in the Sunset Marquis Hotel in the early 1990's, and were writing and performing in their hotel room. After some noise complaints, the General Manager of the hotel offered them a room in the basement, where they could make as much noise as they wanted.  What started as a temporary room, turned into a destination for rock stars and the like to come hang and make records. Jed saw the opportunity to build a fully developed recording studio, just steps from the famous bar, and luxurious pool at the Sunset Marquis.

Originally built in 1992, Studio A was supplemented by Studio B in 2003, adding to the already luxurious amenities available to Hollywood's elite musicians and producers. Featuring two floating rooms, Studio B was built for both writing and tracking, with a swappable control room and live room. Following several successful writing, tracking, and mixing projects over the years, a complete renovation to Studio A was performed in 2007, matching the rich mahogany wood and warm vibe of Studio B. In addition to the aesthetics, Studio A added a 7.1 surround sound theater system, a large screens around the room, and a high-end projection system.

Between 2013 and 2019, additional production rooms and offices were built, including Studio C, and each room has been updated with the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

NightBird Recording Studios continues to be one of the most popular and most successful destination recording studios in the world.